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Alpha is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a different way.

Alpha doesn’t follow a teaching model, with an instructor and students. Instead, Alpha uses a model that features hosts and guests; a group of equals gathering together to discuss Christianity. Alpha is an informal, friendly and non-threatening look at the basics of Christianity.  It began 30 years ago in a church in England. Its approach to speaking to people about Jesus has caused a global explosion. Today Alpha has reached more than 29 million people in more than 100 languages in 169 countries.

For 11 weeks guests gather around food, a brief video exploring the Christian faith, and then discussion, lots of it. During this time respect is observed, but no question is off-limits, too simple or too hostile. There are no wrong answers at Alpha. You will not be told what to think. Alpha provides a space where sharing of experiences and opinions leads to greater individual understandings.

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If you have further questions about Alpha, please email Allison or call or text her at 918.978.6963.

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