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Become A Faith Promise Supporter

A Faith Promise is a personal commitment, made in faith, for world outreach.  When we make this commitment, we say, “By faith, I commit myself to give a certain amount of money, and I trust God to enable me to fulfill this commitment.”  In taking this step of faith, suddenly all of our priorities are reprogrammed.  We begin to see our support of missions with new eyes.  Instead of sitting back waiting, we begin to actively look for ways in which God will provide for us to fulfill our Faith Promise.

Where does Faith Promise money go?

Faith Promise money is used to support 18 missionaries throughout the world.  This money enables them to focus less on raising support, and more on what God has called them to their particular area to do.

Faith Promise money is also used to lower the cost of Volunteer In Mission trips that happen throughout the year. 

It may also be used for missionary care, helping missionaries upon re-entry or with a crisis that may arise while they are on the field.

How is a Faith Promise supplied?


Maybe your tax refund is higher than you expected or you receive an unexpected bonus at work.


By applying better principles of stewardship, managing what we already have, and adjusting our priorities to reflect our desire to see the world evangelized, we can free up resources.

  • Putting off the purchase of a new car to redirect the money for car payments toward missions.
  • Getting your hair cut at a less expensive location and using the savings for missions.
  • Spending less money on iTunes than normal, freeing up money for missions.
  • Choosing to lessen or forego completely your commitment to cable, using the savings to support missions.


The creative ways to generate income for God’s purposes are limitless.

  • Taking one less trip to Starbucks each week and using that money to support missions.
  • Go through your house and put things you really don’t need on Craigslist, devoting the extra money for missions.
  • Holding a garage sale, using the money generated to support missions.