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Thank you for your willingness to try our “Gather and Go” Lenten Challenge. Here is what we’d like for you to do:

We want you to gather a few friends (4-8 people is just about right) and go meet with them four to seven times from February 11-April 1 (during the season of Lent). In the packet (available for download below) you’ll find a brief guide for each session that includes a Scripture focus, a devotional thought, and some questions that may be used for discussion. Our hope is that you use your time to be honest with God and with one another, and that together you can grow in your relationship with God.

Each session is designed for an hour meeting, and you may choose the time that works best for your group. You could meet for coffee before work or for lunch with some friends. Maybe you meet with your friends after you put the children to bed, or before church on Sunday at the coffee shop. The beauty of the Lenten Challenge is that you are free to find the right place, time, and people for you.

If you would like to meet at the church, please contact Drew at

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