Who am I? Where do I fit? What difference do I make? All of us ask these questions, but can all of us answer these questions? Maybe you feel great about your answers today, but inevitably something happens that drastically changes our understanding of our identity (who am I?), belonging (where do I fit?), and purpose (what difference do I make?). We find ourselves once again asking these core questions.

At First Methodist, we believe that the most important journey we ever make is from a self-centered life to a Jesus-centered life. When our life is centered on Jesus we experience the joy and peace that following Jesus has to offer. Following Jesus is not something we do by ourselves, but something we do in community. The Jesus-centered life is encouraging each other to discover our identity, belonging, and purpose in Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Who am I?

Many of us have searched for an identity, experimenting and hoping to discover who we are. At First, we believe your identity is something to receive. In fact, we believe that Christ lives in us. As Christ lives in us our lives reflect him and we become people of grace, scripture, and trust.

Where do I fit?

We are not made to go through this life alone, but we are created for community. Jesus embraces us and through the Spirit connects us to one another. At First, we believe belonging happens as you embrace other people. As we embrace each other, we become people of welcoming, story, and neighbors.

What difference do I make?

We want to make a difference in the world, but sometimes it can be hard. At First, we believe your purpose is found when we partner with Jesus and give ourselves to make a difference in the world. Christ working through us allows us to become people of empathy, generosity, and mission. To grow as people of purpose, we encourage people to offer themselves in the core practices of service and giving as we all participate in making a difference in this world.

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