Community Groups

Take a look at our group offerings below and if you're interested, visit the group! If there are a couple that interest your, or if you aren't sure which group might be a good fit, feel free to contact Adult Discipleship to learn more about joining or starting a Community Group.

Community Group Resources

Sundays (downtown campus)

8:15 am

Friendship Class
  • Parlor
  • 60s-80s
  • We have an emphasis on mission (both local and foreign) and concern for one another's physical and spiritual health through an active prayer chain and retreats.

9:30 am

Asbury Covenant
  • YFC 211
  • 30s-40s
  • We have many social activities emphasizing the building of relationships with God and with each other.
  • YFC 207
  • 30s-40s
  • We actively develop honest relationships with Christ and one another through class time, small groups, outreach, and fellowship.
  • MSLC 231
  • 50s-80s
  • A place to develop relationships and minister to one another through a strong prayer ministry, supper clubs, frequent socials and small groups. Our outward focus provides great opportunities to serve together in mission fundraising and community ministry outreach.
Journey Together
  • YFC 201
  • All Ages
  • We are a diverse class whose common thread is Christ Jesus.  Our focus is connecting with each other through learning, sharing, praying, serving, and socializing.  All are welcome and loved.
New Class
  • Culture Lab (1001 S Main)
  • Mid-Twenties
  • A group of young professionals who are community-focused.
One Accord
  • YFC 202
  • 40s-50s
  • We emphasize Bible Study, community, prayers of praise and concerns.  We have monthly small groups focused on fellowship and study and monthly  gatherings.
  • MSLC 232
  • 50s-60s
  • We are committed to praying for one another. Very active in missions,  service and teaching, small groups and class fellowship.
Praise The Lord
  • YFC 208
  • 50s-80s
  • We are a growing and supportive Christian family. Our goal is that the Sunday school class will mirror the demographics of the sanctuary.
  • YFC 201
  • 30s-40s
  • We have social activities emphasizing the building of relationships with God and each other.
  • YFC 210
  • 25-30s
  • We seek to be “authentic, adventurous servants in honest fellowship with one another.” We have women’s and men’s Bible studies, couples retreats, and family activities.
Women's Class
  • 4th Floor Commons
  • All women are welcome
  • We are single, divorced, widowed, and married (husbands worship elsewhere, or are not believers, or are not interested in Church).

10:55 am

Beacon Fellowship
  • Parlor
  • 60s-90s
  • We reflect the United Methodist motto of Believing, Belonging, and Becoming disciples of Christ. We are active in ministry and social events; known for our friendliness and loving fellowship.
  • MSLC 232
  • 60s-80s
  • We are active in missions and outreach ministries of the church. We emphasize both in-class and out-of-class fellowship.
Covenant Seekers
  • MSLC 231
  • 40s-70s
  • We are a warm and welcoming class, emphasizing prayer, praise and worship, with a strong commitment to each other. We have monthly activities.

Weekdays (Home Based)

Young Adults
  • Tuesdays
  • Contact Rebekah for information.
  • Day TBD
  • Contact Matt for information.
West Tulsa
  • Day TBD
  • Contact Shelli for information.
Start Your Own Group
  • Contact Aaron for information.
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