Group Exercise Classes

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Basic Training

This total-body lunchtime workout incorporates strength and cardio training in an informal setting. We welcome all levels of fitness and strive to build new friendships during class. Be prepared to give it your all!

Cardio Circuit

A fast-pace, circuit training session that includes kickboxing, cardio circuits, and core training-all wrapped up in one class! Come prepared to sweat, because we will get your heart pumping! Intermediate to advanced fitness level.

Core Circuit Training

Sessions feature a low-impact cardio step-workout, followed by strength drills to build and sculpt your muscles. Cardio health and full body conditioning are our goals in this dynamic class. All fitness levels are welcome.

Cycle Stretch

Whether you’re an avid road cyclist or one who prefers indoor cycling – this time is for you!  Led by our Schwinn Certified instructor, this class includes the cardio workout of indoor cycling, followed by sport specific recovery stretching.  Sessions are high energy and fun! Requires basic cardiovascular endurance.

Ready Set Serve! Cross Training

If you want variety a workout, then this is the class for you! Every session offers cardio and strength skills to make you sweat. Each day is different, and focuses on developing flexibility, strength and toning, or cardiovascular fitness. Accountability is developed as members of the class support each another to grow physically and spiritually fit. All fitness levels welcome.

Ready Set Serve! Strength & Stretch

It's easy to get that cardio workout in and then completely skip the stretch afterward. The focus of this class brings strengthening and stretching your muscles to the forefront. This class will encourage limbering up and enjoy the accountability class participants provide for each other. All fitness levels are welcome.


Come for a workout designed for EVERY body.  Our classes use a fun playlist with focused and dynamic movements at varying intensity levels.  It’s an interval structure that caters to a mix of fitness levels within the same session.

Senior Strength & Stretch

Are you 55+ and ready to stay active through your golden years? This is just the class for you! Focused on minimum impact strength exercises, light aerobic activity, and promoting flexibility through stretching. You will use your full range of motion in this class to stay fit and healthy. All abilities welcome.

Walk Fit

This is a great way to just start moving, find accountability for exercise and make some friends. All fitness levels are welcome.

Yoga Basics

This one-hour session is a great way to start the week. Traditional yoga poses are incorporated with instructor guidance for good form and body alignment. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Yoga-Gentle Flow

Sessions are focused on mobility, flexibility and functional movement. Through traditional yoga poses, participants will be able to improve posture and  enhance agility to benefit their overall health and fitness goals.  This practice will leave you feeling refreshed.  All fitness levels are welcome.

Yoga for Strength

This class provides a great opportunity to gain strength and flexibility. Traditional yoga poses are utilized for a full body workout - from the beginner yoga enthusiast to the active athlete. This class is suitable for most fitness levels.


Are you ready to dance yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-dance inspired, fitness-class. All fitness levels welcome.  Come join the fun!

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