Mission Focus

While we support many missionaries locally and globally, our main focus lies in three areas: Local-Field Focus, Near-Field Focus, and Far-Field Focus.

Local-Field Focus

We're committed to sharing the love of God through Jesus Christ with every person and it starts at home. If you see a need in the community, you are encouraged to share you ideas for new ministries, and if you have other interested members, actually start the ministry. Our emphasis for the local-field is to the West Tulsa corridor and Eugene Field Elementary School.

Near-Field Focus

For over a decade, Escuela Integrada has been serving the children and families of Antigua, Guatemala, and the surrounding areas. Escuela Integrada aims to provide quality education to impoverished children, who otherwise would not get opportunities to improve their standard of living due to a lack of a true public education system. Each child is educated, clothed, fed, provided with supplies, medicine and counseling, in our comprehensive attempt to better equip them for the challenges they will be faced with in life.

With students ranging from Kindergarden-Third Basico (basic high school), Escuela Integrada covers a wide variety of subjects beyond basic requirements like math, reading, writing, and science, with additional education such as Accounting, English, Art, and Bible.

Far-Field Focus

Partnering with Faith Promise workers in the field of North Africa is an amazing opportunity. Through our partnership we have boots on the ground in this country sharing the Gospel with those yet to hear. This is a ministry about Prayer & Relationship.

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