Wednesday Nights

The Porch

  • 6:00–8:00 p.m.
  • Wednesdays in June and July (No Meeting on July 4)
  • $3.00 Burgers
  • All 6th-12th Graders

Why do we call our summer Wednesday nights “The Porch?” It may not be what you think.

In ancient Israel, King Herod had an area with a roof built to protect from the sun. It was called Solomon’s Porch. In Acts 3, Solomon’s Porch is where Peter preached repentance and where the lame man was healed as Peter and John went to pray. And in Acts 5, Solomon’s Porch is where the followers of Jesus hung out every day. “And they were all in one accord in Solomon’s Porch.” (Acts 5:12)

Best we can tell from Scripture and from context, they were teaching, eating, enjoying each other, meeting each other’s needs, healing the sick, demonstrating in signs and wonders, and preaching. They were the envy of everyone and because of their public witness and every day more people decided to join them and follow Jesus.

Our Wednesday night summer programming looks a little different every year and it will again this year. Usually some good grilled meat is at the hub. But we call it “The Porch” after Solomon’s Porch in the book of Acts. And our dream is for a time during the summer to hang out in between camps and family vacations as High School and Junior High believers and to learn to enjoy each other so well that others want to join us in following Jesus. We can’t wait to be with you!

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